Research & Development

“For Quality we Design to Develop” because QbD-Quality by Design is not only concept of Compliance to us… It’s our Attitude

We believe that Research & Development is a main pillar of any successful business. Quality business is ultimate satisfaction of end users which needs a change always and change is nothing but the Innovation i.e. Research & Development.

Our capabilities span over the development of Generics, NDDS, and Controlled Release Products. Preformulation studies, Formulation Development, Analytical Method Development and Method Validation, BE Studies.

Key differentiating factor of our Research & Development capability is Diversity in research ranges from Immediate and Novel Drug Delivery for oral, Parenteral, Topical with all most all dosage forms from solids to sprays from oral liquids to Injections.

Our core strength enable us to cater all simple to difficult formulation designs and concepts to make commercialization through successful scale-up & technology transfer.

Our strong analytical backup can cater all type of Analytical Method Development, Method Validation, and Method Transfer. We have strong collaboration for BE studies and hassle free management.

Our Research and Development abilities earn us the Identity for Quality and Capability. To support this we have strong Intellectual property expertise with knowledge of Indian as well as Global Patent Law.

We have expertise and gathered experience to Innovate…
“We innovate for changing SCIENCE and CLIENT needs.”